The event as a medium of communication

Curiosity and the courage to dare have led us to anticipate trends and emerge in the market, and today Action Agency’s signature events, physical, digital and phygital, have become a basic asset of our strategies and of those of our loyal clients.

Action Agency, an agency owned by Manuela Ronchi, with more than four decades of experience in the field, interprets the event as a full-fledged, impactful, direct and measurable means of communication, in which content creation and newsworthiness are the protagonists.

Attentive to sustainability and digitization, we instinctively aim for innovation even in event organization, a prerogative is key that has always ensured that we stand out. As early as 2018, for example, we were offering phygital events, which then became our flagship event in times of pandemic.

Our art directors will design and implement the whole event for you: creative idea, visual concept, set design, light design, graphic design, multimedia design, art resource coordination and installation supervision.

This will be guided by a strong aesthetic sensibility, an excellent understanding of the target audience and current design trends, always ensuring harmony and consistency with the message to be communicated.

Using state-of-the-art digital solutions, we will coordinate the organizing secretariat part before, during and after the event, promoting it with a combination of communication channels and spreading the word through our press office.