Presence and involvement

We start with the analysis of the current situation and the study of a solid social strategy, and then develop an editorial plan that includes different textual and visual formats that create a strong emotional relationship between brand and the identified target audience. We develop adv campaigns aimed at increasing content reach and exploring new targets. We have a strong network of relationships with influencers and bloggers that results in effective digital pr to support our clients’ social activity.

Social media management encompasses a range of activities aimed at managing and optimising the online presence of a talent, company or organisation on different social channels.Action Agency, among its social media services, starts by defining objectives, which must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited. We develop a basic strategy that studies the current situation, possible competitors, the scenario and the communication channels to be used, so as to create targeted and customised content in line with the audience.

We will then proceed with the creation and development of an editorial plan that will help organise content, defining its type, publication frequency, topics to be addressed and formats, following current trends. Finally, we will keep track of audience interactions with posts through community management, i.e. responding to comments, questions and messages by retaining users. Maintaining an open and engaging dialogue with the audience, showing attention and interest in their opinions, will help to increase engagement on the pages.

Where necessary, we can plan a strategy that also involves paid social media adverts or digital pr collaborations with influencers, bloggers or creators in line with the target sector.