Your voice makes the news

We at Action Agency like to call media contact work news positioning, an innovative division that voices and media positions outstanding events, brands, companies and individuals in all sectors.

In our press office, we cultivate relationships, working with passion and expertise through long-lasting relationships with journalists and media.

Whether small local businesses, large international companies or professionals who want to focus on personal branding, for Action Agency doing press office also means studying a positioning strategy and a clear definition of differentiation, which we then activate in synergy with our internal divisions.

Our approach is based on a solid foundation and steady, organic growth, with content that is interesting and relevant to the target audience and measurable, qualitative results.

Our communication agency helps companies and our talents to professionally manage their social channels and community with the aim of improving corporate image, increasing performance and creating a strong emotional relationship between the brand and the identified target audience with targeted and personalized content in line with the audience.

We study an editorial plan that includes different formats, textual and visual, defining the type of content, frequency of publication, topics to be addressed following the trends of the moment.

We monitor audience interactions with posts through community management, i.e., responding to comments, questions, and posts. Maintaining an open and engaging dialogue with the audience, showing attention and interest in opinions, will help increase engagement on the pages and build user loyalty.

Action Agency has a strong network of relationships with influencers and bloggers that results in effective digital PR to support our clients' social activity.

Where necessary, we can plan adv campaigns aimed at increasing content reach and exploring new targets.
through paid ad activities or collaborations with influencers, bloggers or creators in line with the target industry.